Set yourself up for a successful breastfeeding journey by enrolling in an interactive and engaging breastfeeding class or prep session. Even if you have prior breastfeeding experience, every baby is different, and there's always more to learn! 

Unlike other classes, we present a practical, evidence-based curriculum that aims to equip parents with the knowledge and skills they need to meet and exceed their breastfeeding goals. We offer both small-group and private, in-home classes than can be customized based on each family's specific needs. We cater to expectant couples and new parents from all walks of life, and welcome LGBTQ couples, single mothers, parents of multiples, blended families and others. Partners are welcome to join the class at no additional cost.


Curriculum topics include:

  • Setting Up for Success (an introductory course, recommended for expectant parents in third trimester)

  • Just the Basics (an abbreviated version of our full introductory course)

  • Returning to Work (with tips on preparing, pumping, and guidance for caregivers)

  • Breastfeeding Myths and Misconceptions

  • The Science of Human Lactation

  • Tandem Nursing and Managing Multiples

  • ...and more! 

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